Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Questions Answers about chapter.3

Hey everyone!
This is going to be a LOOONG post so I’m just warning you.
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Ascension Ch.3. Most of them are the same questions being asked by different people. So I’ll just try to answer everything in this post. Hopefully it will be enough =)!
First of all, thank you so much for all your kind messages! It makes me really happy to see so many people enjoyed chapter.3.
That being said, a few people were disappointed with the ending or the overall story of chapter.3 and all I can say is, Sorry about that.
I’ll try my best to explain why chapter.3 is the way it is.
First of all, when I first started Ascension (as many of you know) I had no intention of making a chapter.2 or 3. I was going to leave it at chapter.1.
Because I wasn’t sure what I was capable of regarding programming or writing a game like that.
I just wrote a story I didn’t think would be liked by this many people.I was only looking for a new challenge and I said, If Ascension is liked, then I can probably start working on Visual novels.
Ascension was actually going to end at chapter.1 with Aida taking the journals from Diego,killing him, learning she is the crown princess and going after Kael. Zander was supposed to be the only romance option and Tillie was going to die or leave Aida and the rest of the team. Faelern was going to appear on chapter.1 and Seena wasn’t even a planned character.
I had no idea that Ascension was going to be liked this much. So when I got a reaction like that, I decided to continue working on it.
But that was another challenge.
First, The artwork.
I’m not satisfied at all. I could add so many beautiful scenes, so many different CGs to the game. But I couldn’t.
1- Flash is not the best program to draw to be honest. I use my dress up game bases most of the time. It’s really annoying. But it has it’s uses.
The expressions are way easier to make on flash. Aida alone as 80+ expressions and it’s very easy to make it happen on flash, not to mention it doesn’t take a lot of time to program it to have different facial emotions every time she says something. If you try to do it on Renpy, (even though I never tried it) It seems to take a little more time.
The downside is, the face always have to look right into the camera which makes it hard to have different body poses.
2- I come from a Fine Arts High school (Pretty much like Hogwarts but with crazier people) but I have never been that into drawing. O_o In my school’s last year I stopped drawing and talked with my teachers about it. I said I didn’t want to go to a fine arts university, I didn’t want to become an artist and they agreed to leave me alone on that condition. (Don’t kill me, It was a tough time for me) So if you don’t draw anything for a long time, your hand sort of forgets everything about drawing. You need practice and I have to admit I didn’t practice for a very long time. So I kinda suck at drawing different poses and stuff. Lately I started practice and I’m taking it back. Slowly…very slowly. *shoots self* I shouldn’t have stopped practicing but like I said, It was a tough time for me, identity wise.
Second, The technical difficulties.
Because the game is an online flash game, it has a loading time, naturally. This loading time increases with the size of the game file. That means the longer the game is, the longer the loading time will be. It’s annoying to be honest. For that reason, I decided to seperate them into chapters. But the worst part of this seperation is, you can’t keep your save files from the previous chapters. So whatever you do on chapter.1, won’t effect chapter.2 or chapter.3…Which is a terrible thing for continuing stories in my opinion. For example saving a certain someone on chapter.1, to have that certain someone help you when you need on chapter.3 is my dream. But because of the program I am using to code/make the game it’s impossible and it’s really frustrating.
Not to mention that with each chapter, I want to improve and everytime I improve I meet a dead end like this.
On chapter.3 until the end, there are a lot of side quests, if I decided to cut it into two different chapters, those side quests were going to mean nothing.
So whatever I do, The ending of the game was going to be static. It was only going to be effected by the decisions you make on chapter.3.
Now I could make different/longer/better endings but by the time I started working on the last scenes on Adeshia, the game file was already 42 mb.
That is A LOT for an online flash game. I had to cut it short, I had to take out more than 10 scenes, especially with Kael and the last fight  and it’s not just frustrating for me,it’s annoying and it really pissed me off.(Not to mention that I had a dead line and my food poisoning and the sudden death of my SSD didn’t help with the deadline at all)
So I said, “oh what the hell, I’m just gonna release it like this.”
Not because I’m tired or because I don’t want to work on Ascension anymore.
But because I’ve decided to leave Flash behind. I won’t be making online flash games anymore because I’m tired of seeing a dead end everytime I try something different or improve.
I decided that Ascension turned into something I want to work on for a long time and for that end, I’ll have to learn to use another program. Other than Flash.
At first I thought I could start learning C++ but that programming language is no joke and it takes years to learn it. Not to mention my goal is not to become a game programmer but a game director.
So I found this program called Renpy which is a Visual Novel engine but at it’s core it’s a program that uses python. Another programming language that is used for making games. With enough research and a combination of several other engines inside Renpy, I think I can manage to create a game without a buggy save function, “keeping the save files for the next chapter” and without an enormous loading time since the games you create using it are installable.
So, the reason why chapter.3 ending is rushed, is not because this is the ending of Ascension. It’s because it’s the beginning of a new chapter.Leaving some things behind for improvement.
I don’t make games to earn a lot of money or recognition. I want to make games to have a future where girls won’t have to feel grateful for a game with a strong female main character. A future where when the movie of a video game with gender options choose the “male” main as their lead and say “that goes without saying”. It feels silly to say things like this because I know I’m only a beginner. I don’t know more than half of the things I should know about the industry. But I want to know. I want to learn. So If I mess up, forgive me. I’ll try to do better next time.
Now on to the questions;
When is Ascension couple creator being updated?
I just finished Chapter.4, gee. I’ll start as soon as I’m done resting/manga creator page.9 and the new game we were working on with P.O.R.R.
Will there be a chapter.4?
Yes, there will be a chapter.4.
Will Aida be the main character for chapter.4?
No. Aida won’t be the main character for chapter.4.
Will we see team “Ileth” again?
Yes, you will see them, as well as Aida but they won’t be your companions.
Who is the main character of chapter.4?
You. Unless you are a guy who wants to play as a guy. (sucks right?)
Will there be same sex romance option?
Yes, there will be same sex romance options.
Who is the seer?
Who knows!?
When is chapter.4 coming?
Heh. You will have to wait. >.< Sorry…It might take a long time.
Any information about chapter.4?
Yes. I don’t know what I’m capable of using renpy so I can only say what I want to do.
I want the game to have a full character customization option.Skin colors,hair colors,eye colors.
I want the game to have a skill point system.
I want the game to have a reputation system.
I want the game to have a practical armor system.
I want the game to have non-super model people.
I want the game to have original music which you can download from somewhere.
I want the game to have different starting stories. Example: A moon elf character will start on Ildis while a Valondian character will start on Northcliff.
I want the game to have expension packs, chapters, fan service mini stories.
I want to add Appletown somewhere. The Appletown story is pretty fun.
I want to release the game in English,Spanish,Chinese and Russian.
I’m not sure how many of these I’ll be able to do. But I’m gonna try my best!
It will most probably take more than a year. (bad news I know)
And it won’t be released on
I’m currently working on something about my real life. Depending on what happens or when it happens, I’ll create a new website for visual novels/point & click/Otome games. I can’t give you an exact date yet but one way or another, it’ll happen.
Now I’ll go rest for a bit. My b-day is tomorrow and I really need to take some time off for my b-day at least. >.<; I also need to see a few friends, I promised to see as soon as I’m done with chapter.3.
See you soon and love you lots!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Still Ascending

Hey everyone!!! How have you been!?

Did you see the second chapter of Ascension? I know it has a few bugs but please bear with me!
I'm not a professional coder, so i make mistakes. I will try my best to fix them as soon as i can.
But let me take a short break for awhile...

I'm so happy with the response to Ascension. As my first visual novel getting so many feedback is so encouraging!
Chapter.3 will be coming around spring 2014 (I know too late, but i need to work on a game i promised to do first and there is only one me so...Sorry T_T)

Now to the serious stuff, i need to give you some news about a game.

Video game Avatar Creator Human Part.2

Now here is the tricky part. I want you to read this entry untill the end very patiently and calmly.
Don't panic...Just read.

 Last month i opened the file to start working on it again... After a good 20 minutes the file finally opened...And i realised, i programmed it all wrong.
Desperately, i opened a new file started to code the entire game from scratch, but that meant losing so much time (almost as much as making an entirely new game)...
And it was going to be extremly boring and painful, also meant making you wait for a good 3-4 months. Because i had to code the old game from scratch and add the new elements in it.
So i finally decided...
I Will not continue Video Game Avatar Creator Human.
Yes, i will not continue "that" particular game. Instead, i have decided to make a new game.

 Let me introduce you to my upcoming game;

What you will have in this game is ;
Same as the Video Game Avatar creator; jobs...
Knight,mage,alchemist,thief,pirate,bard,necromancer etc...
Moon elves, Sun elves,human,Lith,Dwarf

Basicly, you will be able create your own Ascension OC very very easily, but you will also be able to create any kind of fantasy characters with it...

Here are the basis you will see in the game;

Yes there will of course be interracial couple options...

And more options for you to see...


 I will give you more news as i work on the game...Right now, all i have is bases.
But to be honest, it will have everything the old game has and more...

Now let me rest for awhile...
 I will give you more info as soon as i can!

See you
-Love you

Some awesome fan art by Rinmarugames fans! <3 Love you so much and thank you! Makes me so happy!!! There are many more but i can't upload them all in here >.< I'm so sorry...I will upload more in the next blog entry! Again, thank you so much! Click on the images to go to the Deviantart pages!

by Zoya Ivanova

 by Erin James


Saturday, August 3, 2013


HEEEYY Everyone!!!!

Why is it always when i go "TA DA!!!" something goes terribly wrong...
Do you remember when i changed the layout the first time and the website crashed???
I remember being all like " READY!?" "..nop..not ready"

this time it happened to Ascension :(!
Right after i uploaded the game my hosting service messed up and crashed the whole server...
And i mean the WHOLE server (not just my own but every website they hosted)...

T__T my luck!
I'm not exactly a drama queen but when life hands me a crown and puts me on a drama throne...i can't help it.

I bet the next time i go "TA DA" a meteor will crash Earth or something!

So, How did you like the full version of Ascension!???

I see so many positive comments (which makes me sooo happy)!
Excited for chapter 2?

Honestly, i don't know if i will use adobe flash for chapter 2...Because i actually want it to be a rather longer game with save and load options.
Because everyone seems to have enjoyed the story a lot :) I want more little fun games and more action in it. I want more romance and basicly, more play time ^^!
I am not a programmer, I just know a little Action script 2 and Php and i have fun coding using them..
But for Ascension, i've been thinking...
It would be much better if i had a team.
Now i can see i need a little help :) Because i want to make better games.
An artist and a programmer and me :D And maybe an audio person too! (for music and sound effects)
Wish i had friends like that :(

Oh well! I guess i will just keep making games on my own untill i find a really cool team!
Even though i know they would probably hate working with me...Because i am a control freak when it comes to my work O_o...

I actually wasted 2 days trying to find the right song for the kiss scenes...
At first i found one that i thought was perfect but the song went all Spanish fever after 15 seconds...
The first 15 seconds of the song was perfect, so i asked the composer to just sell me the 15 seconds part...I thought he wouldn't reply but he was very kind and he gave me a quick reply.
He said i had to buy the extended license though and that was a bit pricey for a flash game...
Here is the music i wanted for the kiss (only the harp arpeggio part not the guitar);
What do you think?

Like this i have wasted many days on small silly details...
>.<; I can be quite a freak sometimes...
Anyways because of all these reasons, wait for Ascension chapter.2...
I promise, it will be EPIC!
But before Ascension i will finally finish the Video Game Avatar Creator-Human...
Because i feel like i will be burried alive if i don't finish that game >_>;
gee...such passionate love you have for it!

About proof reading and bug reporting,
Thank you so much! I still have many mistakes but i will clean them out in time.
I will take a one day break though...And think about the future of Ascension.
The whole story is ready...How it's going to end etc...
But sometimes while i am coding the game, i have to change scenes because i have limited resources on programming and art...

I actually wrote small stories about the characters for myself to describe them better in the game.
I wanted to share one...Because i think you might like this.

"I am a dwarf not an idiot" said the dwarven girl with a messy bun.
She was even shorter than the average dwarves but she looked fierce anyhow.
There was a flock of hair falling on her big green eyes.
"But professor Fillim said there was a book about Hunar wild cats in here and i need it"
The Librarian looked young and inexperienced.
Obviously he was just assigned for this job.
He barely looked  130-140.
That was equal to teenage years of human race.
"Look ma'am..." he was quickly interrupted before he could say any more.
"ma'am??? I am a student here! How old do you think i am?" The dwarf's cheeks turned red...
She looked even angrier than before.
"Look..I understand, but you do need a permission to be in here!...If you can get a permission from professor Fillim"
"I told you! Professor Fillim sent me here!" she wasn't going to leave.
The poor elf didn't know what he was supposed to do.
"Let her go, Sam..." said an elf behind the shelves.
He slowly approached to the dwarf and took a quick glance at her with his icy blue eyes.
He had long black hair and a grayish pale skin.
He looked young but certainly powerful.
"Does she look like a Lith to you? or a monster?"
He looked serious and and a little intimidating.
"Look...don't tell anyone i let you in, okay?" the librarian finally gave up.
She looked at the elf who just helped her out.
he was tall.
Tillie wasn't fond of moon elves.
They often made fun of her and her family..Just as how they always made fun of the poor Lith.
Lith had it harder than the Dwarves.
They lived in poor camps or in Elven homes as slaves.
"Thank you." the dwarf said coldly.
She didn't want to be involved with him.
"Zander" said the elf smiling.
For a moon elf his smile was rather warm if not a bit innocent.
She rarely ever saw a moon elf smile.
Maybe a mocking grin but never a smile.
She was surprised.
"Tillie" she replied looking a little puzzled.
"Nice to meet you Tillie...C'mon let's go find your book"
She wasn't sure if he was just mocking her or actually trying to be helpful.
But there was something different about Zander.
His eyes looked kinder.
or maybe there was something about the way he smiled.
"This is a strange day" she thought to herself.
"A strange and a funny day".

 (probably have lots of spelling mistakes)

 heh...I have many little stories about the characters...Many of them changed in the game...and many of them were never even added.
Maybe once all of the chapters are published, i can upload more stories on here? :)

Well That's it for now!
Here are some fan art from   & xXxBlackKnightxXx(I LOVE them)

Love you!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Heeeeyyy everyoneeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Exciting news huh!?

Did you see the Ascension demo!? Actually i wasn't going to release a demo before i finished the game but...
Some things happened...
terrible things...
The kind of things makes me go mad the most...
Here is the real adventure of Ascension!

The end of the demo is actually the end of the first half of the game...
Where you meet the characters and the storyline for the first time...
Sort of like a warm-up...
the second half was going to have some more action and *cough*loooove*cough*...


At the end of the first half (also the end of the demo) my game file somehow crashed.
At first i thought it was a simple crash so i tried re opening the file...
it crashed again.
I thought maybe i did something wrong with it in the last chapters so i tried opening the back up file i took a few days ago.
it crashed again.
So i tried opening another file...An old game of mine.
It crashed too.
I thought my flash (that's the program i use to make my games) had a problem...
So i uninstalled and re-installed it...
It crashed again. !? (i was slowly getting angry and frustrated)
Then i decided it probably was something about my computer.
I formatted my computer (it was pretty bad because i downloaded a bunch of new games from the steam summer sale the other day and never had a chance to play them) and did a clean Windows install...
then i tried opening it again...
The program now started to work and could open other game files but guess what!?
it crashed Ascension again!!!!
By that time the main file got corrupted and i tried every solution to fix it but no luck.
Both the back up and the main file was gone.
So i thought maybe it was about my rams...
Opened the case,checked out the rams...
32Gb baby ;)...

Then i started to cry,yell at everything i saw,smashed a perfectly fine cup of tea on my wall and basicly went on a Hulk (Rink?) mode...with the occasional "WHY DOES EVERYTHING BAD HAPPEN TO ME!????" which is not true because i am usually a lucky person >_>; You can see the progress in my twitter account...

Anyways i finally sent an e-mail to Adobe flash about this issue while crying...
(It's really hard trying to write with a blurry vision...seriously.)
But they replied super fast.(good support system)

They sent me a decompiled file which had a lot of missing movie clips...
(the file they sent me was almost completely useless to me at first but still grateful)
Anyways i took a few days off to think of a solution...
Because for me everything has a solution,you just have to find it.
I thought about releasing the early version as an unfinished project...
But i didn't want to release a buggy game.
I thought about remaking it...but it was going to take a lot of time and probably wasn't going to be the same.
honestly up untill yesterday morning i thought i could never find a way to save it.
But yesterday i figured something out as i was waking up (i won't bore you with the details) but i used both the file Adobe gave me and my old files and finally managed to save the game with a few missing codes here and there...And my nerves are still missing.
And so before i lost the game again i decided to at least release a demo version first.
So i could see your reactions and decide what to do after.
But TA DA!!!!

I mean it was a terrible week, losing a game like this.
And i never want to feel the same way ever again!!!!
(So now i have 11 back up files in different parts of my computer.
my second hard disk and some in my usb hdd.)
I think it's worth it.
I wanted to do something new and fun and i wanted you guys to enjoy it...
And i think i succeeded in doing so!
I'm so happy the response was so positive to the game.

because it was so much fun working on it.
Pushing my limits..
Trying new codes,strategies...
I really LOVE making games like this.
I'm also super happy with the response to Aida.
Cheers for badass females!!!
I hope i can always create games with badass females in it!

Thank you so much for your awesome feedback!
If you find a grammer/spelling mistake on the dialogs please tell me which dialogs have to be changed via
contact me
or just comment below the game or leave a comment here...

Love you soooooo much!
I'm back to work, finishing Ascension....
chapter 1.
P.s: Ascension will be a series of 3 games.
I will now go study some AS & database encription to figure out how to save your progress.
If i can't do it..
i will find a way...somehow.

A small bonus for you,
I always have a small paper near me while i'm working...
This is what happened while working on Ascension;
 I scare myself sometimes...


Friday, July 5, 2013

A Game Game

hey everyone!
I know i haven't been updating you with any news lately because i'm super busy working on a game...
it's a game game!!!
My probably first non-dress up game...(if you don't count the manga creators)...

I know i said i was working on a visual novel in my previous entry.
But as i was programming it,i was like "ooh..i should add this feature too!" and it sort of started to turn into a half visual novel,half dating game,half role playing game...

I wasn't sure about my capabilities before so i didn't exactly want to talk about it..
But since i am half way done with the programming i can give you a little bit more information...

A lot of you have been asking;

"will there be a customization option ?"
since it's my first time trying this sort of thing, there won't be a full customization.

Also according to the story there is a specific feature the main character has...
So, no...
but also yes at the same time...
Because the choices you make in the game will have a direct effect on the main character's physical appearance and the ending of the game...

There will also be a hair dresser and a tailor in one of the cities because...
c'mon...dress up game creator here.

I have to say there won't be many clothing options ;_;! because i have to draw them all in different poses and it takes a lot of time >.<;

Like i said, this is my first time ever creating a game like this...So it's all a big mystery for me!! But i am really hoping that you will enjoy it...
ETA: I don't know yet :)
Anyways here are some screen shots.

What do you think so far?

Also the iron questions of this week;

1= When is the Video Game Avatar creator V.2 Human part.2 coming?
 A= NOT soon...
A=I Know you love the game and you want the rest of it finished and you want the rest of it finished NOW and you probably have the cutest intentions asking/demanding for it but
Here is the deal;
I don't want to finish that game right now because i got so sick of working on it, every time i open that game's work file i want to get a baseball bat and smash my computer with it.
I want to rip that file apart,put it in a blender and blend it for hours...
Then i want to throw that file infront of a speeding bus and set it on fire...
That's how much i hate that game right now.
Please understand. When i put so much efford and time and love into one thing for so long i slowly start to hate it's guts at some point...
I have no idea why...commitment issues? O.o

Also a quick reminder...
I am the evil queen of
I love to see fans cry in agony over unfinished games.

Now that it's all out in the open!
Here are some teasers of the upcoming games!!!!

A mega chibi game by Pichi! ETA: next week!

 Manga Creator School Days: Page.4  ETA: Still waiting for the artwork!

Love you!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hey everyone!!!
How have u been!?
I'm great!
 The items i ordered from Bioware store is finally here :D!
Fangirling forever!!!
I was actually going to get the N7 hoodie too but it's allready summer and i probably won't be able to wear it much...So maybe next fall!!!!!!

Did you like my latest Sci-fi geek dress up game?

I will be updating it with new skins and accessories when i find the time :)!!!

Today i will give you some info about upcoming projects and reply to some of your questions....

Upcoming games 

-Manga Creator:School Days page.4- 
There is a new boy in town...on his way to steal yo gurl...or guy. I don't know what he is planning...
he is planning something though...

-Shoujo Manga Avatar Creator: Summer Time-
It's been a while since we made a shoujo manga avatar creator with Amy right?

So i am also working on a new game...and a new genre.
For the first time in my life i am working on a Role playing Visual Novel.
I am still writing the script and there isn't much to show for now.
But i am doing my best to make it as detailed as possible.
With minimum plot holes..
Which required me to create a world from scratch at some point.
This is my first time so don't expect anything extravagant...
But even if it's my first time, i have a bad habit of having a hard time accepting mistakes of myself.
When i fail i kind of punish"no sweets for a month you loser!!!"...and i get depressed.
And very very angry with myself...hehe.

I found a solution for it though.
If i make it a serie of games.
Like part.1 and part.2 and part.3 etc...
every time i learn something new the next part can become better..
A good way for me to improve too!

Honestly..once i was done with Video game avatar creator V.1 i felt a little empty...
Like i've done all i could...And there was no way i could some point, it turned into just repeating my self over and over again and it feels very frustrating.
So i needed to work on something new.
Something different.
Something i never tried before.
That's why i decided..
Right now i want to focus more on "gaming" and less on "fashion"...

But don't doesn't mean i won't create dress up games anymore!
Of course i will make them..Because they are really fun to make!
But for now..Just for a little while...
please let me work on something different.
Because i feel like i am stuck.
And i certainly hate repeating myself.
But i also don't want to dissapoint you.
So trust me..
I will do my super best to make sure i create something you will deffinetly enjoy playing.
And if i fail..
I promise to get back up right away and try again..

Question and Answer time!

A lot of you are asking when is the rest of the Video Game Avatar Creator V.2 Human Part.1 (that's a long name) coming..

-I've been using Flash CS4 for a loooong time but it crashes a lot in the middle of my work specially on VGAC(video game avatar creator) so i finally ordered Flash CS6 just so it would stop crashing so much.
Once it gets here i will start working on the second part...But you know it took me about a month to finish the first part so i wouldn't expect it any time soon.

Here is an apology & reason why it's taking too long.

1-The game is basicly huge...I have to draw everything from scratch..and not to mention every part needs a little bit of programming.(I use Action Script 2 because i hate Action Script 3 >_>)
Also..sometimes out of nowhere a code stops working..because it's clashing with another code i wrote..
and i am not a professional programmer so it takes me a while to understand why it's not working.
And then it takes me awhile to fix it.
And sometimes i want to add something in the game which requires me to write a piece of coding that i know nothing about...So i research and learn about it.(Which takes time)

2-I am maintaining the website on my own. I do not own a body else works for me.
I do all the coding/managing/checking e-mails,questions,suggestions,comments and reports on my own.
I try to read every message i get from every social media tool i use so that i can provide you with better games using your suggestions/ideas.
I also check fan sites too when i have time to take reviews into account and update you all with new information on the things i am working on as much as i can.

3-I am only one person.I do not own a clone.I have 2 hands and a relatively normal functioning brain.
And caffein is not always enough so i need a few hours of sleep every day.

 4-I need to watch movies,play games from time to time to feed my inspirations.
It's sort of a productive lazy time for me.
Because i am doing a visual job where everything visual matters.
A small image,a scene in a show or a single line in a game can sometimes inspire me greatly.
That's why i need time for my productive lazyness too.

I don't want to sound like i don't like my job..
because that is the exact opposite!
I love it so much, i wish i never needed to sleep or eat. I wish i could constantly work and do nothing else..(which is almost exactly what i do >_>)
Because seriously..the joy of creating something that makes someone,somewhere in the world happy is the greatest feeling ever.
Because i feel the same thing every time i play a good game too.
It makes me happy..
That's why i want to make others happy.

All i am asking is a little patience..
Creating something is not easy.
It's certainly fun but not easy.
And it takes time...

I know i make games very often but that is because i am a fast's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.
Good thing because..well..i am fast.
But bad because in long term i get exhausted very quickly which makes me hate what i do.
feel depressed...
and basicly just feel like burning what ever i am working on at that time.
I am trying to calm myself down lately..
So that i can work on games in long terms too.

Anyways..this is getting a bit more serious than i wanted it to be..
So it's time to finish this entry.

I just wanted to explain myself to everyone.

I am hoping this answered a few questions...

Anyways you can just leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!!!

Love you always!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hear ye,Hear ye...

Hey everyone!
One very informative blog entry coming up...

As i was getting questions like "When is the next game?","When is the rest of the Video Game Avatar Creator coming?","When is Manga Creator:School Days coming","When is Manga Creator:Fantasy World coming?","When will you turn into a machine and take over the universe?" etc...

 Here is the current situation...

I am half dead because of Video Game Avatar Creator V.2...

Really tired..
My fingers are barely working from all the coding/drawing...
I keep seeing dragons in my dreams which is getting kind of annoying at some point...
Also i am tired of listening to this...
Because,I have this weird habit...Whenever i am working on a game i listen to related music to get the right kind of feeling...
And while listening to this i felt like every move i made was totally badass..
like i was getting me some tea..and i felt "I'ma rockin mage craftin me some badass potion cuz that's how i roll baby"...

Anyways do not worry,I will deffinetly continue working on VGAC..I just need a tiny,miny break from it.
I don't usually work on one game for a long time because i get bored of things too fast...
I need challenge...I need something different from time to time.
That is why on my break,i am working on a new game...
If you follow my FB page or my Twitter you probably saw the previews but it wouldn't hurt to upload them here too right?...right?

Anyways here you go...
A sci-fi avatar creator!!!
As you can see there are a huge amount references here..specially from Bioware,because i am a huge Bioware fangirl...
I stalk them on twitter and everythin...
And i've been playing Mass Effect again.Which caused me to break out and cry for 24 hours at some point..
I mean the ending...I wanted to see me some Turian-Human babies..

Right..back to topic..
Here you can see some teasers from the new game..
You like? like...NEXT!

About Manga Creator:School Days!
It will be finished very soon as P.O.R.R says...
Probably this week..if not next week!
So..the wait is almost over..
Calm down..
Don't calm down..
Because there is a new guy in the play and he will be teasing our main couple...
both of them..NEXT!

About Manga Creator:Fantasy World!
I have the artwork righttt hereee...I just couldn't find the time to do it because ihavelike3gamesiamworkingonrightnowitgetssortoftiringatsomepointlikereadingasentencewithnospacesyeah...
Waiiit for eeet!
It will come too eventually...

About "When will you turn into a machine and take over the universe?"


See you!!!!
Love you!!!!

le hugs

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